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* One booth includes 4 free exhibit registrants.

Optional Sponsorship Opportunities (c)

1) Advertisement Opportunities
  • Printed Program Book / each (full page)
  • Printed Program Book / each (half page)
  • Congress Bag Inserts / each
  • Shuttle Bus Advertisement / bus
  • Video Clip Play / day
Total(c) -
2) Branding Opportunities
  • Mobile App / limited to 2 sponsors
  • Congress Bag Logo / limited to 4 sponsors
  • Rest Area Banner / limited to 3 sponsors
  • Notepad, Pen / limited to 2 Sponsors
Total(c) -
3) Networking Opportunities
  • Congress Banquet
  • Symposia Sponsor
  • Luncheon Symposium
  • Poster Awards
  • Snacks or Beverages
Total(c) -
* Main sponsors shall be given the first priority in Optional Sponsorship Opportunities and the item(s) will be settled after consultation with the Organizer.
* Details of each item are written on “IBRO2019 Exhibit & Sponsorship Prospectus”


Item Amount 10% Korean VAT Grand Total
Sponsorship Package Levels (a) - - 0
Exhibition (b) - -
Optional Sponsorship Opportunities (c) - -
* Payment process: Application submission → Invoice receipt → Payment deposit
* All payment should be made within 30 days of invoice issuance.
* Exhibitors/Sponsors are responsible for all bank transfer fees from both sending and receiving banks.

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The 10th World Congress of Neuroscience (IBRO 2019)
Contract Provisions 9

A. In the rules and regulations for participation in IBRO 2019, the term "Funding Company" shall include all employees, servants, and agents of any individual company, partnership firm or organization who have applied for sponsoring and space for the purpose of exhibiting.
B. The term "Congress" shall mean the IBRO 2019.
C. The term "Organizer" shall mean the IBRO 2019 Organizing Committee, which is authorized to organize the Congress.

A. Applications for sponsorship shall be made on the prescribed application form, which shall be submitted, to the Organizer. After the submission, Funding Companies should contract sponsorship agreement with Organizer. The contract fee should be paid in the timeline stipulated in the agreement.
B. Applications for exhibition shall be made on the prescribed application form, which shall be submitted, to the Organizer. After the submission, full payment should be paid within 30 days. However, the payment for sponsorship is subject to the schedule stipulated in a separate agreement for the Sponsorship.
C. Applications for sponsorship items and print advertising shall be made on the prescribed application form, which shall be submitted, to the Organizer. Full payments should be made within 30 days of application, and the date may be adjusted with the consultation with the Organizer.
D. All payments should be made by bank transfer.

A. As for the allocation of sponsor booth location, priority draw depends first on the sponsorship level, and then the deposit payment date, and lastly on application date.
B. In the case of exhibition only, the preferred right will be given based first on the booth size and then deposit payment date.

A. Funding Companies are bound to show the announced products and to staff the stand with competent personnel during the whole period of the Congress.
B. All exhibits must accord with the description on the application form, and be related to the theme of the Congress. Public auctions without permission of the Organizer are strictly prohibited. If the Funding Companies violates the rules mentioned above, the Organizer can stop the Funding Companies’ activity, remove his/her exhibits or order the dismantling of his/her booth. In this case, the participation fee shall not be refunded and the Funding Companies shall have no claim for compensation.
C. Funding Companies shall remove all exhibits and stand fittings from the exhibition hall within the period stipulated by the Organizer and indemnify the Organizer against any cost incurred because of delay or damage to the exhibition hall. All hired stand builders and contractors must be registered with EXCO.
D. Funding Companies are not allowed to sublet space allotted to them to other parties, either wholly or in part, without the written consent of the Organizer. Products or companies other than those specified on the application form and accepted by the Organizer cannot be exhibited or advertised on the stand. The Organizer has the right to remove all unapproved exhibits at the cost of the funding company.
E. Promotional activities including the distribution of leaflets, materials and giveaways shall be confined to the Funding Companies' stand not to interfere with the rights of other booths. The PR plan should be submitted ahead to the Secretariat.
F. In the construction and decoration of the stand, all Funding Companies and their stand contractors must comply with the technical regulations set forth by EXCO

A. Funding Companies should make the payment by the due dates. Otherwise, the Organizer has the right to cancel the participation and the fee paid shall follow the stipulations in the cancellation clause.
B. Notice of any change in agreement or cancellation must be in writing. Cancellation of sponsorship or refund shall comply with the relevant provisions of a separate sponsorship agreement.
C. For cancellation of sponsorship items and print advertising, the refund shall be processed as in the following:
- Cancellation before Friday, June 28, 2019 : 50% refund of the full payment
- Cancellation after Friday, June 28, 2019 : Refund is not available
- No refunds for cancellations requested after June 28, 2019.

In the event of the cancellation caused by the Organizer, the participation fee paid will be refunded to Funding Companies. However, if the cancellation and/or changes of size and durations of the Congress are caused by force majeure or exceptional circumstances, the fee will not be refunded. In this case, Funding Companies shall have no claim for the compensation with the Organizer.

A. Organizer takes responsibility for taking appropriate measures for visitors’ safety and security.
B. Funding Companies shall be held responsible for any loss or theft of, or damage to exhibits, stand fittings or any article belonging to the Funding Companies during the construction, exhibition and dismantling periods.

A. All materials used for the building, decorating, draping or covering of booths and/or stands must be non-flammable, or rendered so by being immersed in a fireproofing solution.
B. For fire control, the Organizer has the right to require changes in Funding Companies' stands.

A. Whenever necessary, the Organizer shall have the right to issue supplementary regulations in addition to those in the rules and regulations for the participation in IBRO 2019.
B. Any additional written regulation instructions shall form part of the rules and regulations for the participation in IBRO 2019 and they shall be binding on the Funding Companies.

Any dispute arising out of this conditions and regulations between the Organizer and Funding Companies, including any questions regarding any party’s rights and obligations shall be referred to and finally resolved by the Daegu Local Court, which has the jurisdiction over the region where the Organizer’s current address reside.